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Senior pets

With senior pets my goal is to make them as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Please expect additional time during the grooming session in case your fur baby needs a rest (or multiple) at any point during their groom.

Matted Pets

I put your pet’s comfort first. In the event that your pet's coat is matted, I may have to shave the matts out rather than perform a painful de-matting procedure (generally if they cover more than 15% of your pet's coat). If your pet is severely matted, there is an increased risk for clipper burns, cuts, or hematomas (commonly referred to as blood blisters) to occur. All attempts will be made to avoid this, however in many extreme matt cases it is unavoidable. Matted pets take additional time to groom so there will be an additional fee added onto the regular grooming price which you can find here.

Fearful/anxious pets

I find it extremely important to build a personal relationship with your pet, so for fearful and anxious pets it is especially important. In those cases I would suggest short but frequent visits so as not to overwhelm them, but also to allow them to get to know me and our new routine. I may even assign you some tasks to try at home with your pet to help desensitize them to what we will be doing together. I also offer calming pet CBD oil should you choose to give it to your pet.

Please be aware that it is generally best to groom aggressive dogs under the supervision of a veterinarian. I will do my best to groom your pup with care and caution. I may need to use muzzles and/or leashes for both of our safety, although muzzles are only used if absolutely necessary. If you are aware your dog bites or has a history of biting, please inform me before we start the groom. Failure to do so may hold you liable for any bites/injury. If at any point during the groom your pet seems too stressed or aggressive to continue, I will unfortunately have to end the session and return them to you regardless of the stage of completion. Because aggressive pets can be unpredictable, there will be an additional handling fee incurred.

Clean up

Anytime I groom your animal I will clean up the area that was used to the best of my abilities, but there is no guarantee that everything will be hair free. I use a high velocity dryer which, while it helps your pet to dry efficiently and remove a lot of undercoat, can also be quite messy. This is especially true with double coated pups (Labs, corgis, goldens, poms, etc). If you don’t have any areas that can handle having hair thrown all over it, house-call/In-Home grooming may not be for you. Keep in mind that since I bring my own tub and table I can even groom your pet outside (weather permitting).

WHat products do you use?

I use all natural products such as Quadruped shampoo, Fur-Minator Shed-Less conditioner, Spa by TropiClean Tearless blueberry facial CLeanser and bio-groom ear cleaner. If you have any questions about the products I use on your pet or if you have your own products you would like me to use please let me know ahead of time.

Forms of payment

Here at Gypsy Grooming I use Square to accept all major forms of credit cards with a 2% processing fee. I accept Paypal, checks, and cash for my services as well.

Aggressive Pets

Policies & Procedures

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